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No Validation? Look on FanFiction.net!

WOAH! Look how long it's been since I submitted those chapters for WL, IE, and Nowhere(yes Nowhere has an update too). I guess the mods on TA are slacking. Well, just so you all know, IE, WL, Nowhere and probably Never the Same are going to be waiting on updates for a while. But, remember, you can always look on FF! I put everything up on the same day I send in the stuff for TA. Oh, well except for WL, I'm not putting that up on FF until its finally finished.
ok, let's see, previews for the TA people. Lemme look on my handy dandy computer in my gigantic Fanfic folder...

Immortal Exterminators:
excerpt from Chapter 4: All Call
Jackie's POV

            Candace opened the video again and stopped it at a point where every person in the clearing could be seen. I scanned the left side while she did the right. Before long, she lifted her head back up and shook her head, indicating that she couldn’t find anyone that looked even remotely like they were from the Pacific Northwest.


            I quickly finished my examination, finding one particular girl in the first row that looked correct. I thought I even remembered seeing her in a picture in newspaper from Portland along with the same man she was holding hands with and the blonde man in the front row.


            The blonde man.

Ok, this is a tiny little excerpt that you all have probably been waiting for. Before this, the chapter mostly explains a little more about the 'X'ers, and of course it goes more into this particular subject after this point. I have the next chapter written, I just need this one to be validated, and to fluff that one up a little bit before I post it.

excerpt from Chapter 17: Liar
Angela's POV

As I rested on the warm and fluffy cream-colored sofa, my mom began to speak, asking me basically about how college was going, and looking for any information she had not received over the phone. I was able to answer every question honestly until the one I had been dreading came up.


“So how’s Bella doin’?” she asked.


I paused, having never been particularly an expert at lying or anything close. I tried to think of a response that she could not try to go into more detail with. I couldn’t just say “good,” that would be too general an answer, which might also leave her suspicious of why I had nothing more to say about my supposed roommate and best friend. I ended up using a rather generic response, but enough to sound realistic.

Ok, this chapter is short on its own, and yes it is a Forks chapter. I am still contemplating how I'm maneuvering the rest of this story into the ending and eventually into Nowhere. I know a lot of people don't like the Forks chapters, but I do, and it's my story that I'm writing, so they're staying in because that was supposed to be a giant part of the story and I didn't continue with it because people didn't really like it much.

I will not be doing a WL preview today because, as previously mentioned, there's nothing really that great about it until the ending cliffhanger which I refuse to put into a preview.

I also wrote a new poem. It's up on FP now. Very depressing. I wrote this little excerpt thingy with no specific place in a story, but with kind of a rythym a while ago. So, when I had to write a poem about loss for school, guess what I changed into a poem. Go read it on FP, as long as you're not in any way sad, it's called "Live Again."

More news(I know, if I told all of you about this stuff more often there would be less), I will be putting up a new story soon, I have the first chapter done, it needs to go through editing still, it will only be up on FF(for reasons I will explain in a minute), and I will be doing a preview here today.

ok, so around Christmas, I stumbled across a story on FF marked "Plot Ideas." Well, I looked in it, wondering if they were someone with actual original ideas, or just rehashing old stuff. Inside there were two plot ideas, which the girl was putting up for any takers. I saw one that was just something I could not pass up(especially if you know how much I love these kinds of stories). It is another "how Edward comes back" story, even though I've already done one. I thought the idea was brilliant, and I give credit for it to Poison Effect on FanFiction.net. I hope she ends up writing the other plotline that was there, since it was great as well. Hehe, another idea person. (If you don't already know, my idea list is about to hit 70);)

ok, excerpt!

Immortal Rose

excerpt from Prologue: Strange

All but a few of the medical doctors congregated in the hallway outside her room. The other patients on that floor had all been moved elsewhere so that they would not be disturbed, seeing that the hospital did not in any way lack space. They spoke in low voices, huddled together, so that she would not be able to hear their conversation, should she even be able to do such a thing over the volume of her cries.


            They were split on the subject of her care. No one really knew what could be going on with her, or how to calm her.  Many wanted to perform tests and possible studies on her probable conditions, while others were frightened to even come near her as her screams only rose—with many death pleas thrown in between—whenever any being came into her line of sight, which therefore deemed any sort of test impossible.


            She rose from her bed laden with crumpled white sheets; her back arched, and began to gasp for air, as if she was not able to inhale oxygen, every so often as well. She would hold onto the sides of her bed in her vice-tight grip as she did this, causing the doctors to fear of her breaking the equipment, or them, if they were to come near her. Her blankets had been thrown off the bed, the sheets nearing the same fate. If it weren’t for the pain she was enduring, they would have no doubt that she would have rid herself of the bed as well and opted for the floor; but she could not concentrate long enough to get out of the tight confinement she had been placed in.

Yes, it is in third person, but only for the prologue. I wanted a feeling of mystery for the prologue, since it is the defining  component to get the story going.
oh, and in case anyone wanted to see, I made my own banner for this story;) in my opinion, it's better than any other ones I've made.

notice it says MusicGirl24, my FF username. I will not be posting this on TA for now, sorry, I don't want to wait so long for updates for another story.

ok, this is getting pretty long, but we still haven't gotten to the music!
Today's music is:
Lost by Michael Buble
This is so mean of them to do....there is not a single copy of the video on youtube except for this one, which has embedding disabled, so I'm going to have to give you all a link:(

This song I found from the AWESOME story LOST by edwardsoul on TA. It is my favorite story ever(told I love Edward coming back stories didn't I?) and I thought that even though it actually is the most favorited story on the site, some of you may not have actually heard the song. I was skeptical when I first listened to it, but now I absolutely ADORE this song. Enjoy!

ok! we are done, and I am leaving! It's getting late anyway....BYE!:D



Werewolf Love and IE update!

yes, you read that right. Werewolf Love has been updated after that super long wait!!! I finally got some inspiration from one old certain review, and it provided me with a place to go. This person did not mean to give me this idea, but looking back at it, it just hit me and my writer's block vanished! As I think I already mentioned, I had part of a chapter written already, but it was like filler, so all I had to do was go add a few lines to the end, then fluff it up a bit and send it on its way into cyberspace;)

also, IE does have an update. Of course it is already up on FF, and I can see that TA is very slowpaced right now just from the miniscule "most recent" page. so, I'll probably be waiting a while for validation. I had actually had that chapter just waiting there--I think I mentioned that I wrote up 3 chapters the night I wrote up the last chapter in an A/N--and I finally remembered it and just went right up and posted it.

ok, so I would give you previews of these, but I am not for specific reasons for each story. For IE: it's already up and ready on FF. For WL: most of the chapter is really mostly filler, and I don't want to put the cliffhanger at the end of it in a preview, sorry.

Updates for NTS and Nowhere will be coming up shortly. I've got a lot to do right now over the weekends, and this weekend in particular, my best friend asked me and my other friend to MAKE her something for her bday next week, so I will be working on that. Wow, I just realized she'll be 14, I feel so little:(

music time!!!

Numb by Linkin Park

sorry that the quality isn't that great. I also found the video on Spike, but I couldn't find the embed code, so this one'll do;)
so, I really really REALLY like this song right now, and I;m really wondering how I find half the stuff I do on iTunes, because I don't go out looking for this kinda stuff, it just kinda finds me somehow.

Also, I wanted to mention that I got some pretty awesome pictures with my phone when I decided to climb up the giant hill behind my house yesterday because it was actually sunny and WARM versus the storm that had been going on for a few weeks. So, I might be putting those up on here on the photo section, because I think they really are gorgeous:D

Well, I've got a long post, something I've needed for quite a while, and it's getting kinda late(rare for me to say, I guess I'm overworked right now) so, I'm just going to end here. I'll see y'all later!!!:D



so, believe it or not, winter break does hand me a lot more to do than I thought. however, I still think I have written a lot, just not as much as I'm usually accustomed to. for instance, in case nobody has noticed, IE's new chapter has been posted on FF as of Monday, and waiting for validation on TA. I also wrote 2 extra chapters after that so that I would not be able to get behind in updates this time. that took longer than I thought it would. I've also been working on a oneshot for my little poll winner on FF, so that's taking time. that's what I've been spending most of my week on.

and then, we have Nowhere, whose chapter I just finished. it's called Do or Die, and I kinda feel like I'm ending this a little early. there's still at least 4 chapters left if I take the shorter route, which seems the way to go right now. I can take a longer route, but I don't think that way would make sense as far as timewise and the strength of the powers of the Volturi.

I also feel a bit like I'm being predictable on it, which you will find out why when you read it. but it is necessary, since I have had the ending of this completely written out since August. and with the way I made it turn right now, it didn't seem possible to use it. I've made it now so I only have to tweak a few things. I'm very happy about that since my little plane ride back then did offer me so much inspiration and I would hate to waste it, since it's not very easy to duplicate something like that. of course, I'll explain this more when we get to the last chapter.

that chapter of Nowhere will probably be sent in tomorrow, after I have the time to go over it and add in and edit. it does change a lot of stuff. look at the last chapter, that was 2000 words, now it's 3000 after I edited it(most of my thanksgiving break finishing that sucker mind you).

today's music:

I cannot choose which to choose, so I'll put up the two, one on the main page, and one after the break that is a little more personal for me.

Poison Love by Phoebe Sharp

this just now got onto iTunes, so I didn't post it before(though there is a reference to it on my TA profile)because I thought it was unfair that you could only see it on youtube. so, this was a new moon soundtrack hopeful, but of course, the studio does not even CONSIDER people who do not have something else to their name. I think it would've been good for the soundtrack theme, way better than "meet me on the equinox" which doesn't even make sense with the storyline of New Moon. how that got on there, I do not know.

to the other song!Collapse )


Preview Day!

so, I know I've been slacking on my writerly duties, and I looked through things, and I have enough for previews! Except WL, because I'm not finished with that chapter and that will end up being one of my awesome cliffies where nothing happens until the end;) you may be wondering why I have been away so long, especially for everything but Nowhere I think. IE hasn't had an update since before Halloween. that's wrong. well, winter break is here, so I will be working tooth and nail this weekend to get them out since now I have NO homework! I don't even want to know what next year's homework will be like. I scared of this years. and I just HAD to hear my best friend's sis talking about all this stupid crap her teachers are making her do in 10th grade. I'm scared to say the least. preview time!!! Never the Same: Edward's POV

I ran to the edge of the greenery, looking over at the cross street that it bordered. I stood up completely and started to slowly move towards her. She looked frightened, as if my presence finally hit her with its full force, like it should’ve her first day of school.


            She beat the criminal in passing out. She fell back against the pavement and her eyes immediately went blank and closed. Blood started pouring profusely from a cut near the back of her head.

               I ran to her, fighting the bloodlust raging inside me against the adoration that I felt toward her. I knelt down beside her and lifted her up into my arms and began to run, debating over the only way to save her. That part is very tiny, and probably nothing new. And of course there will be some explanation to Edward's red eyes from the last chapter, but evil me decided to start the preview right after it;) you'll just have to wait. Nowhere:

Edward’s POV


            I flailed around in the woman’s arms the entire way, still in shock as we rounded a corner to a very luxurious house in who knows where. I was surprised at the woman’s strength. I usually could be considered quite strong, except of course compared to people like Emmett. I knew that there were some exceptionally strong women out there, but they usually showed some of their musculature on their bodies; they were not lanky and thin like the woman before me.


            She set me down, not in the least bit gentle, and grabbed my wrist to guide my to the heavy wooden door adorning the large building.


            I was led down a long and ornate hall that had seemingly no end to it. I resisted as much as I could, but the woman was good at what she did; kidnapping.

That is the introduction to chapter 17. it will lead into where Bella is found about mid-chapter, so it will not just be a repeat in Edward's POV. something will happen. and I debated putting the cliffhanger that would've led to the event in the last chapter, but I decided not to because I didn't want to interfere with the overall mood of the chapter, and mess up the song. Immortal Exterminators:

Jackie's POV              We both had quizzical looks on our faces as we tried to decipher what that gorgeous hiker could’ve done that made us wake up by our car, unharmed, with barely a memory of the happening.


            “Vampire!” I screeched. That’s exactly what we’d been looking for, wasn’t it? So wasn’t it possible that he could be one of them? Sure, he didn’t look exactly like most pictures of sightings we had, but he was very close. The beauty, the pale skin, the cold coming off him as we each felt his hand at our necks. Everything except the eyes. It was nothing new for us to know that these creatures of the ngiht had either black or red eyes; definitely not gold, or anywhere near brown.


The thing was, his eyes still seemed inhuman. As if he fit the bill, but in a different sort of way. That was the way I was thinking when Candace grabbed something I hadn’t noticed that had apparently been hanging out of my pocket.


just a little cliffie there at the end of that one to keep you going. There is more, and that is actually in the middle to end of what I have written so far. the part of the chapter I have so far for WL(aka intro) is so boring and not interesting at all, so I will not be previewing it here today. when it gets a little farther in, I will give it a preview. So I'm back in full swing with 2 free weeks ahead of me and nothing else to write to interrupt my fanfic writing (I had had to write a holiday story for English, one of the reasons I wasn't updating. ok, here's a really crappy disclaimer that I am gonna put so that anybody who actually reads this does NOT point out in a review or something that it's not how it was in the preview. All writings are subject to change without notice due to the author's editing and/or change in storyline with new ideas or extracting of old ones. there. now don't complain because I've actually decided to start editing(no, I was not before). today's music is: Gravity by Sara Bareilles ok, I've seen this song in playlists for 2 of my favorite fics, and I really like it;) I thought of using it for Nowhere, but nixed it once I saw the lyrics. I might use it for NTS though, you never know;) (not sure yet, really.) if you're wondering what those fics are, they are Boxing the Compass by Megsly on fanfiction.net, which is the sequel to her fabulous story, Horizons. link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5400330/1/Boxing_the_Compass must read Horizons first though: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4713046/1/Horizons and the other one is In My Time by awsomealice94 on Twilightarchives.com. she is one of my fav. authors(after the amazing edwardsoul. go Lost and Coming Back to You!) this fic had become quite famous from my perspective. it got to be featured at a book store for a Twilight event! go awsomealice! so here's the link to that one too: http://www.twilightarchives.com/viewstory.php?sid=1024 it's all awesome, go read it if you have time! and I will be updating as soon as possible, so look out for me!!! bye! (for now;))


Nowhere preview

so I said I would be working on IE and WL in the meantime, but impulse writing is a powerful thing. it's the kind of thing I love and also what gets the first chapters of my stories up and running.

so, I stayed up late Wednesday night and pumped out 2000 words, which I am very proud of but have decided to add to and edit. for some reason it doesn't feel like it's good enough. That means that, for now, I will be holding onto this little thing until it's perfect. but I will give all of you a preview as well as today's music. surprise surprise! I added a song to this chapter;)

I pulled the door open just enough for me to silently step my foot in. I had to open it just a little more to get the other one in. I left it open once I was in so that there was no chance of any creaking of it to cause noise and make my presence known.

I walked silently through the stone hall, paying great attention to my every footstep. This was not the time to die because of carelessness. There was a turn just up ahead. Surely I would be able to see something around that corner. Otherwise this place was a lot bigger than I had thought. I’d already spent about ten minutes getting down that hall. I been being careful, but it was still an awfully long hall.

I came to the corner and I took just the tiniest peek around the corner.

You didn't think I'd give it away did you? Maybe you can see why I think it's not perfect? as I said, still working on it. and just to keep you thinking, today's song is of course the song that I am putting with this chapter. good luck thinking;)
(well, it's probably not TOO hard)

Haunted by Kelly Clarkson

I actually thought that this song would be perfect for New Moon. Of course, I'm not a huge fan of the soundtrack like everyone else seems to be. I like some of the songs, but others are just ok or more of a "What the hell is this?" moment. I was actually alerted to how well this fits New Moon when I was still stuck on my Twilight-youtube phase. I went back to listen to the song and sure enough, it's a perfect match. that would be why I chose a fanmade video instead of a lyric or cover art one. much better, huh?
KC better do this song tomorrow night. another concert;) this is totally awesome, somehow I swung two concerts even though I'd only been to one before, KC for My December. I did hear that she's singing her song "I Want You" to a cardboard Edward cutout though. that'll be great if she does:D
by the way, just because this song fits NM, it does not mean that Chapter 15 is a copy of New Moon. I'm not a plagiarizer.

well, until the update is finished, BYE!!!:D


Nowhere and NTS updated!

FINALLY!!! I'm back and going at full throttle! I've got Nowhere and Never the Same updated right now, and I'm headed off to work on IE and WL later today. I don't want to spell things out so from now on, I'm always gonna use the abbreviations. so here's the little key for those:

Werewolf Love: WL
ever The Same: NTS
mmortal Exterminators: IE
there is no abbreviation for Nowhere that I'll use here. my NW seems very personal to me for some reason.

in Nowhere I've thrown in a gigantic twist. poor, poor.....(insert character name) you didn't think I was gonna tell you that easily did you? go read it!

in NTS the crucial turning point has been reached. my outline is finally spreading out into the story. I've been waiting so long for that.

both updated stories can be found on FF. they have been turned into validation if you're looking for them on TA.

today's music:
Friends by The Band of Skulls

this is one of the only songs I liked on the New Moon soundtrack.
CH and CW should tag team to do BD. it'd turn out great. CH is good at set and costume design, location scouting, transitions, and casting. whereas CW is good at the actual directing and writing up something if it needs to be done.

well, bye! I'll see ya soon!;)

Sad:( and Happy!:D

I don't really have a fanfic update or anything. That would be because I'm really focused on this new story I'm writing for FP. But it's gonna be really long(like real people long, not my usual fanfic version of long), and I won't post it until it's done. I'm still gonna try to get my fanfic updates in though. I have Veteran's Day off of school on Wednesday, so I'll get to typing then.
First:NEW MOON IS ALMOST HERE!!! to celebrate, I'm going to put up a little countdown clock that I've been dying to use. I got it off of twilightguide.com which really has some other awesome ones, but the little pawprint on this was too cute to pass up;)

New Moon Movie and Twilight Movie

so, I guess I'll switch off between happy and sad, because I want to put a certain AWESOME thing at the end. the sad news is: one of the Twilight bands, The Bella Cullen Project, is breaking up. They made one final video for the song Let it Go on their most recent album Tick, Tick, Tick. so here's that(it's just as awesome as the "Safety First," one)"

I love the little Eclipse theme, though I wish they could've given Jacob's note the ink splotches. notice the heart crystal on Bella's bracelet. Is that how you all imagined it? I imagined it really brilliant, and more crystally. is that a word? it should be.
now, for my other news. remember that Paramore concert that I was so excited about that got cancelled and moved last month? well....it's tomorrow!!!!
in other other news, I have been accepted into my district's honor band(take that cocky 7th graders!!!)therefore, I have to practice more. the first rehearsal doesn't start until after Thanksgiving break, but I still have to practice for tryouts. a lot. any music people out there? would you know what I meant if I said 2 octave chromatic scale in triplets at 80 beats per minute memorized? for any non-music people, in case you didn't catch it, yes I said memorized. good luck to me.

music time! well...Paramore concert tomorrow so......
Turn it Off by Paramore (Brand New Eyes)

I found a bunch of concert videos, but they were really bad quality so I didn't post them.
well, I'm going to a sold out show tomorrow. Anybody else in SF? you going? maybe I'll see you!:D
bye people!!! (read New Moon again for the bazillionth time in the mean time;))


I don't really have anything updates, but I just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone. The greek goddess(me) will be going out in a bit of an odd group tonight, with a vampire, a hippie, a member of Griffindor, and something I'm not even sure what it is yet. that's gonna look funny. well, Happy Halloween everyone! get lots of candy, and don't forget to do SOME kind of tricking! trick-or-treat!!! bye!!!!:)


Too Much! (continued)

sorry for that. I've been fighting with my computer for a while now trying to get that right. is there something that limits videos in a post? Because when I originally typed it, the first 3 or 4 videos showed up and only the embed codes for the others. Whatever, on with the other videos!

this one is a trailer shown by ET, I think it was on TV, but I didn't see it. Not too much new, but a little

here is a Volturi fight!!!! FINALLY! something GOOD!

this one I really like with all the wolves:D

this is the awesomest thing ever!! I got to have it on my iPod! go get it! it's FREE!!

and last we have one of my personal favorites, a bit of the parking lot scene. I really like that they actually let him smile:D
-Anybody think they're letting A LOT out? maybe a little TOO MUCH?
Lastly, and sadly, The Complete Guide to The Twilight Saga(I think that's what it's called) has been postponed until at least December 31st, 2010. Anybody else think this is going WAY too long? This better be a dang good book to end up having on pre-order for 2 years.
and, a little something you may remember! Halloween is coming! See? I even have a special icon just for the awesome holiday!:D
What are YOU going to be? I'm going to be a Greek goddess:) Wow, now that I think about it, I can relate that back to Twilight. I didn't eve think about it like that before! COOL!
See ya later!

OH!!! I forgot! Today's music!
This is Halloween by Panic! at the Disco

ok, on the soundtrack it says Panic! at the Disco, so that's what I'm going to go with.
speaking of the Nightmare Before Christmas, it's one of the best movies ever!!! Although, I'm not the real superfan. That would be my mother. We've bee collecting the memorabilia from Disneyland, and a few from Disney World, for years now. Our house is filled with the stuff. For example, just from where I'm sitting on my couch, I can see candles, an antenna topper, a picture holder, some bobble around thing, a touch lamp, a Christmas and Halloween versions bendy Jack dolls, and the video game. It's a lot. and of course there's more. Like magnets, plush Jack ad Sally Dolls, the awesomest embroidered hat in the world, coffee cups, water glasses. There's a LOT.

Now that I've spent FOREVER writing this out, I'm going to go. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!:D

Too Much!

There is WAY too much stuff going on right now!!! mostly New Moon stuff actually though. From The New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion and Soundtrack coming out, to there being tons of clips released. So, I'm going to get all the movie stuff done in one post, and then If I have any fanfic updates, I'll put them in a new one. get ready for a long post. First: I know this was a while ago, but some people are out of touch with the news. like my friends. c since poor old me can't figure out how to embed a picture of the cover, here's a video with a bunch of the pictures. now the soundtrack: this is the main track, Meet Me on The Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie. Now, honestly, I didn't like the soundtrack much. I thought the Twilight one was much better. It's not that I'm against sad songs, those are some of my favorites, I just really didn't it was that great, especially with all the hype. Next: All these dang clips! WHOO! this is the extended kissing scene. I like that they amped it up for New Moon, but is it just me who thinks they look kinda weird right there? or that Kristen Stewart shows no emotion whatsoever? this was the clip shown at the Scream Awards last night. Not much new. to be continued....



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